Alphabet Sketchbook

In April 2020, when it became overly clear that the pandemic would keep people isolated for more than just a week or so, a youtuber Teoh Yi Chie came across a marvelous idea called AZ Sketchbook. In the core of it, one picks a sketchbook with enough pages and fills a page or a spread with images starting with the letter of the alphabet, one per letter.

As it happened, he used a Koval sketchbook with 100% cotton paper, the same I bought onle a few weeks earlier. This was meant to be! Big differences between his way of working and mine is that he is absolutely of a different akill level than myself, he has a huge social media following and he was way more disciplined in filling the spreads almost daily. I took way longer and for some reason did S twice and X not at all. All in all, he had a ton of people joining him on Instagram using the tag azsketchbook and everyone had a great time.

After completing it halfway summer I think the result is worth collating and sharing here. One can see some progress as I did a ton of drawing exercises in the same period, especially perspective. Almost all drawings are from photo reference and it was a great way to fill a sketchbook.

As mentioned, the sketchbook is a Koval Artistico with cut corners and a real treat, it is up there with the very best watercolor sketchbooks that money can buy. Pricey, yes, but money well spend. On the other hand, if it is very much outside of your range, book binding is a post for another time.

The palette used is my Daniel Smith travel palette, another post for another time.

Teoh’s playlist of his work, I wanted to link it but WordPress made it a block and that is just as well.

Author: Koen

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