Europe in Watercolor

The hardest things for me when painting or drawing is often to get started and it is often caused by the second hardest thing: figuring out what to draw. Some people fare well with prompt lists such as those from DoodleWash or a writing prompt generator. These lists often confuse me or are conceptual and not only was I unsure what to draw, now I am stumped by some list from the internet as well! As a solution and if I have an idea for it, I will make a list myself that is curated by myself and for myself and that works a lot better.

For the month of February I thought of GeoGuessr and how the site will allow you to select continents and countries to include in your random location drop. This would be perfect for drawing locations without having to go there. As this was in the before times, we also had a trip to Swiss planned for the end of the month that would allow me that country as well. With the huge regional diversity that comes with Europe, a list was made and days were assigned.

Before being halfway in the challenge it became clear that there are only so many country roads that you can look at before giving up. For some countries I used image search to find an interesting thing to draw using a photograph that was not taken using a potato mounted on the roof of a Toyota Prius.

It is all done with Daniel Smith watercolors in a Khadi 100% cotton rag paper sketchbook.

Author: Koen

human, putting down lines, splashing pigment on page, exist.