Sketchbook Saturday: The Little Hahnemuhle Booklet

For this iteration of Sketchbook Saturday, back after a long holiday break, I dove a bit deeper in the past and selected a little Hahnemuhle watercolor booklet I bought in March 2019 upon deciding I should really get this plein air painting show on the road. It’s compact size and the small box of Van Gogh watercolors would help me get out more while painting at the same time.

It is almost two years ago and my evolution in terms of style and what paints I use is very visible, as well as the time spend on painting something. The paper is not mega absorbent but once you get used to the fact that wet on wet washes is impossible, new doors open. In the end, I churned out Pokémon to just fill up the booklet. I wanted to get it over with, fill a sketchbook completely for the first time in my life. No matter the size, in this sense, this booklet allowed me to fulfill a very old wish of mine and I am grateful for that.

Author: Koen

human, putting down lines, splashing pigment on page, exist.