Satisfying lines

In the little corner of the internet I tend to frequent, we were discussing what to do when without “grand inspiration” and we came to the conclusion indulgence is key. Do something you do often, that is not novel or massively creative but is satisfying to you and will scratch the itch caused by the need to create.

For me, it is line art and doodles using fountain pens with various inks.

TWSBI 580, Platinum Carbon ink and Noodlers Black Swan in Australian Roses.

Drawing is life.

yeah, it seems drawing is just like many other things

It benefits from preparation, physical as well as mental preparation. Too much did I rely on inspiration for production. It is like sitting on the couch wishing really hard to be running and exercising. While, if I had prepared by having a clean set of workout clothes ready, had proper shoes, made sure there was some time in the day and a schedule to train by, there would be no reason not to run.

I think as artists that struggle to get started, we underestimate the amount of planning and preparation we are lacking.

A form of preparation is to have plenty of little projects that one can progress on in small time spans such as 15 to 30 minutes. Planning is knowing what step is needed before the other. If you have troubles thinking of projects, put away your art stuff and work only on a project list. No, you are not drawing but it is not like you were before anyway.

Honestly, it is very clear in my mind now.

Having enough projects and then still exclaiming “I don’t know what to draw” while having the urge to draw, now that may point to the presence of entirely different issues that you will need to work through first.