Zwembad De Meerkamp, an impression

Over the past three years, interrupted now and then by pandemic lockdowns, my two sons have been attending the swimming course given by Zwembad De Meerkamp in Amstelveen. With some ups and downs, and my younger taking significantly longer than his older brother, both wrapped up and are now certified swimmers.

At the beginning I would bring a laptop and try to work, later I brought a sketchbook inside and when we were no longer allowed inside during class, I’d sit with my sketchbook outside. I have been moving around with regards to materials and mediums a bit and unless it was raining, I drew one specific corner of the pool buildings. Mostly because there were benches there.

Now most are here and I am a bit disappointed, only 22 scans, I thought I did a lot more and feel I could have done many more and much better. On the other hand, instead of watching my phone for an hour every week for months in a row, I did at least 22 drawings. A few are left out, they were no more than scribbles.

To the kind people of Zwembad De Meerkamp: Dankjewel voor al het geduld, de goede zorg en aandacht die jullie aan onze jongens hebben gegeven!