A tram

Last week I had a day off and went into the city to drink tea and draw. I am not sure shy one needs to ride a bike for 45 minutes to be able to do that, but the exercise was good for me I think.

A tram.

Over the past year I have been struggling with fatigue on and off and with ramping up my marathon training it came back and hit me like a brick. So I finally did something I have been wanting for a while, arrange for a 4 day week. This tram is from my first day not working on Monday, which is supposed to be my regular day off. This day is for me, for my hobbies, projects and for my rest and relaxation.

Let’s see how it works out, I plan to evaluate in August to see if it had any impact.

Oh, the argument can be made to do less running and I have been considering that but that also would mean giving up on the notion that I am capable of running a marathon with an average of 6:00 min/k and I am not ready for that yet. But getting close, it looks like my body is not made for endurance sports.

Author: Koen

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