Some sketchbook samples

Some but not all pages from the April to June sketchbook, changed it up and used a Moleskine with 160gsm paper. It worked surprisingly well with markers and could also hold very light washes. When I started with it, I was annoyed by how small the pages are, it is less than A5 but then it dawned on me I could just use spreads.

In my dragon hoard of empty sketchbooks, there is another book from Moleskine with 250gsm watercolor paper and I’ll use that soon to try out a technique with diluted india ink as described in the book Everyday Sketching and Drawing by Steven Reddy.

Anyway, all drawings here are with Platinum Carbon ink in a fountain pen and colored using Faber-Castell PITT brush pens.

A tram

Last week I had a day off and went into the city to drink tea and draw. I am not sure shy one needs to ride a bike for 45 minutes to be able to do that, but the exercise was good for me I think.

A tram.

Over the past year I have been struggling with fatigue on and off and with ramping up my marathon training it came back and hit me like a brick. So I finally did something I have been wanting for a while, arrange for a 4 day week. This tram is from my first day not working on Monday, which is supposed to be my regular day off. This day is for me, for my hobbies, projects and for my rest and relaxation.

Let’s see how it works out, I plan to evaluate in August to see if it had any impact.

Oh, the argument can be made to do less running and I have been considering that but that also would mean giving up on the notion that I am capable of running a marathon with an average of 6:00 min/k and I am not ready for that yet. But getting close, it looks like my body is not made for endurance sports.

Some journal pages

Over the past few weeks, I have been journalling a lot, doing relatively quick straight to ink drawings and then coloring with some PITT markers. Some pages are nice, some are good and some are plain old crap. Here are some nice pages.

The cat at my sisters birthday.
Having tea, drawing, life is good.

Zwembad De Meerkamp, an impression

Over the past three years, interrupted now and then by pandemic lockdowns, my two sons have been attending the swimming course given by Zwembad De Meerkamp in Amstelveen. With some ups and downs, and my younger taking significantly longer than his older brother, both wrapped up and are now certified swimmers.

At the beginning I would bring a laptop and try to work, later I brought a sketchbook inside and when we were no longer allowed inside during class, I’d sit with my sketchbook outside. I have been moving around with regards to materials and mediums a bit and unless it was raining, I drew one specific corner of the pool buildings. Mostly because there were benches there.

Now most are here and I am a bit disappointed, only 22 scans, I thought I did a lot more and feel I could have done many more and much better. On the other hand, instead of watching my phone for an hour every week for months in a row, I did at least 22 drawings. A few are left out, they were no more than scribbles.

To the kind people of Zwembad De Meerkamp: Dankjewel voor al het geduld, de goede zorg en aandacht die jullie aan onze jongens hebben gegeven!

Weekend to Brussels

This weekend we went to Brussels and it was good to be out and about again, after two years of stagnation. The trip allowed for some drawing as well, in a visual journal. Try it out, visual journals are good for the soul.