Mourning Meetings

Many people doodle during meetings, some more secretive than others. With the 2020 pandemic and the working from home, we doodlers no longer have to hide as nobody notices what we are doing anyway.

When asked, I am honest, I say I draw lines or doodle things with the reason that “it helps me think and pay attention” and it is accepted because when a question is asked, I can actually answer. My team does not care if I look or act attentive, as long as I do what is needed of me, which is ask the difficult questions other don’t dare ask or answer the difficult questions truthfully although that can be a “I don’t know, can I get some time to figure it out?”.

But in general, I do not like meetings with more than 4 people. Often these gatherings are to make sure “everyone is aligned” or something that requires little input and even less participation from the bulk of the attending staff.

So I mourn that time lost, time I could have been coding, thinking up solutions to hard problems, basically enjoying my life.

The drawings under the category Mourning Meetings are at least started during work place meetings, often finished after the workday is over. They are simple line drawings, patterns and other practice as not to be too distracting from the thing I get paid for to do.