Pokemon in watercolor

It was December 2019 and life was good. I had a stable job, plenty of art supplies and a craving for creation. Big problem: what to draw, what to paint? How to improve my skills as a watercolor artist while at the same time, use some of those juicy, succulent, art goodies?

At the same time my kids were and still are, completely infatuated by Pokémon. As a responsible adult, the appeal completely eludes me and I have never driven around town with one hand on the wheel and the other on my phone playing Ingress, a precursor to Pokémon Go. And there is a slim possibility that at some point in the past, I owned a Nintendo Switch with Pokémon Shield, considering my son had Sword. But otherwise, this was completely about the kids.

So there is it, a simple, colorful and recognizable subject matter that could easily fill a challenge month.

Considering the premise a bit more, drawing Pokémon every day for a month, I decided against it and switched the Pokémon with fruit every day so the gallery here has 16 Pokémon, next week we will have 15 fruits because you know, 31 days in the month of January. The list of which Pokémon and fruit to draw was randomized using a Pokémon randomizer and random fruit list generator which to my surprise both existed. The random nature also explains the really odd choices of Pokémon, some of the participants commented on that.

The best thing about this challenge was the comparison between day 1 and day 31, it is obvious that doing watercolor every day will help out your skills even if the subject is simple such as Pokémon and fruits. All art is in a Khadi rag paper HB5 sketchbook and done using Daniel Smith Watercolors in a custom palette that inspired by Jane Blundells blog.