So there is this TWSBI pen, called a Go and it is a very affordable pen with a decent nib, a B nib in this case. Unfortunately, to cut cost I think, the part where you hold the pen is of a type of inexpensive plastic that is less to my liking. It took me a while to reach that conclusion, yet here we are.

And then I set out to empty the pen, there was only this tiny bit left in the body, it could be seen sloshing around like a microscopic amount of purple. It was a lot more ink than anticipated, even with a fat B nib. Where I was hoping for the foam to only hit the top of the first row, I had to keep going, being careful to add foam in places where it made sense. So not fill up that D and then when going on, suddenly run out. In the end, I am happy with the results and can recommend the Iroshizuki inks and will likely buy another B nib pen somewhere in the future.